We believe in story. We believe that a great story, well told has an unmatched power: a power that can unite and inspire us, that can lift our hearts, light our paths and forever alter the way we see each other.

We are dedicated to harnessing this tremendous potential to create wonderful entertainment that does nothing less than change the world.

We are Story Pictures and we think you share our interest.

Media is the dominant variable affecting our world; but increasingly, the vast potential of broadcast mass media is squandered on content that celebrates the cynical and sensationalistic values of a minority of the population while ignoring the majority.

We believe that there exists an immense and diverse mainstream audience that is critically under served by today's film and television industries. This audience craves content that reflects its values illuminates the real issues that shape our lives, and positively impacts our culture.

Story was founded to serve that need.

Story Pictures exists to develop, finance, produce, and distribute value-based feature film, documentary and television products that can compete in a mainstream marketplace. Our novel approach unites deep expertise and experience executing high-quality entertainment products within the Hollywood system with insights, voices and stories from the key influencers behind the nation's leading faith-based and principle-driven organizations.


Brent Almond

Founder | Managing Director

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